There's Something in the Water in Rochester!

Occasionally, a 'scene' rises up. There was the hippie scene in San Francisco. There was the grunge scene in Seattle. Now, in Rochester, New York, there is a group out there which is turning ordinary citizens into crotch-jamming afficianados! Yes, I'm referring to the dreaded Local Business People Doing Their Own Television Commercials... I'm not sure what exactly it is about Rochester, but local commercials there are WIGGED OUT. Here are some examples. (Warning: these video files are BIG. Please entertain yourself while they download. You know what I'm suggesting.)

The Jim Shapiro Files
Jim 'the Hammer' Shapiro is a lawyer in Rochester. He is also INSANE. He tends to advertise late at night, which makes you wonder just what kind of person would look up from the couch in a semi-conscious stupor and proclaim loudly, "CRIPES! I wish he was MY lawyer! I'd better call!" Please note that in a number of these scenes, he's making the scissor-jamming motion. I think there's something up his sleeve.
[vid1] This is the more sedate side of 'the Hammer'. HE SUES DRUNKS.
[vid2] A bit more animated, 'the Hammer' STILL sues drunks. Keep your eye on the crashing cars in the inset box.
[vid3] Starting to become slightly manic, now. I always smile when 'the Hammer' guarantees, "They started it...I'll finish it!"
[vid4] Totally off the deep end. When your lawyer starts to talk about severed heads and ripping people's hearts out, it's time to make sure you've settled your account with him.
[vid5] I wonder if the fact that he takes the cases that other lawyers won't touch is supposed to be of some reassurance.

The Record Archive Guy
[vid6] There's just something about this guy that I don't trust. Maybe it's the fistful of greenbacks. Maybe it's the huge record strapped to his chest. Maybe it's his loopy dance. Whatever it is, where are my scissors?