SIRA_PRISE on SourceForge

SIRA_PRISE is also present on Sourceforge. All of SIRA_PRISE's components except the server are open-source. SIRA_PRISE on SourceForge is structured as follows :

  • An "Umbrella" project covering the whole of SIRA_PRISE. The discussion forum and Tickets facility of this project can be used for discussions and/or issues regarding SIRA_PRISE in general or the server in particular.
  • Individual projects for the various components of the SIRA_PRISE family. Links to these individual projects can be found on the main "Wiki" page of the Umbrella project. These individual projects have discussion forums and Tickets facilities intended to be used for discussing and/or reporting issues regarding the concerned individual SIRA_PRISE component specifically.

Some of the individual projects will also have download files available in the "Files" section. At times, it might be the case that a fix for an issue reported in the Tickets section has been made available only here, and not yet in the main install file that is available from the downloads page. Check the file dates to see whether this might apply.

Visit SIRA_PRISE on SourceForge.