Welcome to the Wonderful World of SIRA_PRISE

First encounter with SIRA_PRISE
What is SIRA_PRISE ? Introduction, rationale and feature overview.
What has changed since the previous version ? An overview of the new features.
A high-level Architectural overview.
What is the business case for SIRA_PRISE ?  What SIRA_PRISE can do for you that other DBMS's can't.
What do users think ?  A testimonial.
Downloading and installing SIRA_PRISE
Download files, and installation instructions and tips.
Upgrading from older versions.
SIRA_PRISE is also present on SourceForge.
starting/stopping the server, and server administration in general
monitoring a SIRA_PRISE server
Foundation matters
An introduction to the relational algebra.
The SIRA_PRISE language
The formal language grammar.
A language tutorial and reference.
(for those who insist on starting to toy around without first studying much of anything,) Some potentially useful language examples.
Defining SIRA_PRISE databases
Database design with SIRA_PRISE.
Designing databases using the web client.
Database security with SIRA_PRISE.
The client side
SIRA_PRISE and transactions.
How to use SIRA_PRISE scripts.
The javadoc for the client package (also included in the download).
Communicating with SIRA_PRISE from non-java systems.
And finally ...
Frequently asked questions, known problems and their fixes.
Identified possible future enhancements/additions.
The docs for the previous version of the product.
If you have any question(s), remark(s) or suggestion(s) regarding SIRA_PRISE, please contact us by e-mail on SIRA underscore PRISE at edpnet dot be.

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